Community Testimonials


"Thank you again for all you have done! Not only can I not keep my daughter out of the water, my 19 month old son enjoys the pool too! I could not express my family's appreciation for all your hard work to make it possible for our community to have a pool!" - Starreta Wilson

"The fitness center is truly a community space. I love working out there because I bump into old friends and new faces every time. It's about health and wellness for the whole region." - Katie Basile

"Our family loves the fitness center. There are lots of fun activities and events for the whole family, and the staff are wonderful! We’re so happy we have such an awesome place to go recreate in our community." - Brian, Lori, Silas, & Nora

"I was over 60 years old and thought I was a swimmer. The YK Fitness Center and Pool opened and I saw that people swam with their head under the water. I swam with my head out of the water and could do laps. Determined to learn to swim with my head under water, I asked other swimmers what to do and signed up for an adult swimming class. It took practicing 3- 4 times a week for two months to become comfortable taking a breath and putting my head under water. Then I learned to do laps and worked on it for a couple more months. Fast forward one year: I swam 36 laps (a mile) at a time and was very comfortable swimming with my head under water and switching sides to take a breath. To celebrate I decided the next step was to get my PADI diving card. I finished the open water portion of the course in July 2016 and am now certified to dive. Now I plan to go to Roatan on a diving trip. It is never too late to learn to swim. It was a lot of baby steps for me to get my head under the water but the reward is so worth it. I find swimming is a lot of fun, good exercise, and burns a lot of calories. I look forward to it." - Judy Wasierski

"The YK Fitness Center is one of our community's flagship facilities. Communities deserve spaces that address the challenges we face, and we also deserve spaces that promote healthy, positive activities. This facility provides our diverse community a space for fun and fitness and so many happy memories and experiences." - Michelle DeWitt

"I really enjoy it. I feel like I'm 10 years younger." Cezary Maczynski