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YK Delta Lifesavers History

In 1991 a group of primarily Bethel mothers started fundraising efforts  to help support the operation and maintenance costs of a swimming pool in Bethel.  Before we could approach funding sources for a facility, we felt the community needed to show support of the operation and maintenance of it.  Thus, that was the beginning of the Y/K Delta Lifesavers fund which now totals over $200,000.  The fund is managed locally at Bethel Community Services Foundation as an endowed fund since 2008.

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Proceeds from the annual Lifesavers Christmas Cookie Sale (known as the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza), earnings from Bev’s Open Gym  and proceeds from other fundraisers have been deposited into the Lifesavers fund.   Over 19,000 pounds of cookies have been made and sold during the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza. Additionally, families, individuals, organizations and businesses have made contributions to the fund. Bethel Community Services Foundation can receive funds specifically for the Y/K Delta Lifesavers and those contributions will be added to the Lifesavers dedicated fund. Soon, grants will be made from this fund to support swimming education programs for youth and others throughout the Y-K region.

YK Delta Lifesavers Mission Statement

To raise funds for the operation & maintenance costs of a community multipurpose gym and swimming pool facility, to seek funds for the construction of such a facility, to sponsor healthy activities for families with a strong emphasis on youth, to create awareness for positive parenting & the need for positive mentors/role models for area youth, to establish a volunteer force to enhance and assist youth and family programs already in place.