Group Fitness Classes are scheduled on a month to month basis and it has never been easier to participate!

If there is just one or two classes you really want to come to each week, register at the beginning of the month for the best prices.

If you are traveling or have a schedule that only lets you try one or maybe 2 classes a week, purchase our 10 pack of fitness classes to use when you are available.


Class Descriptions

Some classes not offered every month. See current month schedule for dates and pricing.


This 60-minute class is a resistance training class which will utilize your body weight and core stability to build functional strength and sculpt the body. Your body will move and work against the forces of gravity throughout this class, and you will learn activities you can do anytime or anywhere on your own since no gear is required. Area of focus in this class includes core, hips and stabilizer muscles. This workout emphasizes improving muscle endurance, tone, coordination and balance.


60-minute class to get fit fast using this total body training. Classes are designed so that participants exert moderate to high intensity to burn calories. Anything is game in this class, which uses full-body interval training mixed with HIIT type workouts to improve strength and build lean muscle. Varied activities will include the use of the body’s own weight to create resistance, along with dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, and other forms of resistance. Agility, power and speed are emphasized in this athletic workout. Designed for those at an intermediate or advanced level with modifications demonstrated and encouraged if needed. 


This 60-minute class is a stationary bike class.  Participants will cycle to music, and through direction from instructor will cycle through various endurance cycling workouts. Participants will burn calories, keep muscles in shape, and improve cardiovascular endurance and strength. This class is a great way to get a vigorous workout without the impact of running or jumping. Beginner to advanced welcome.   

Deep Water Fitness

This 60-minute class is designed for participants to increase mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance with deep water exercises from toes to nose.  No swimming. Equipment provided.  Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. 

FitSwim Class

60-minute class for adults to learn about working out in the pool to improve fitness. This class is based on the American Red Cross class Adult Fitness Program. In this class participants will engage in fitness and swimming activities to improve cardiovascular health, fitness knowledge, and water competency. Open to all fitness and swimming levels including beginners.

Foam Rolling

This 60-minute class will show participants how to use the foam roller to help release and relax tired, tense muscles. This active stretch class integrates self-administered myofascial release methods (self-deep-tissue massage) with traditional stretching techniques. Foam rolling is a form of self-massage and stretching that helps to prevent injury and improve muscle recovery time.  It improves mobility and flexibility and combats the negative effects of extended sitting. 

Master’s Swim

This 60-minute class is open to all adult swimmers who are dedicated to improving their fitness levels through swimming. Our instructor will challenge participants through structured workouts designed to improve your endurance, strength, speed, and power in the water. One of the greatest benefits of master’s swimming is being able to complete workouts within a structured group. Open to individuals aged 16 and above who can complete all four swimming strokes, and swim four lengths of the pool without stopping.

Restorative Flow Yoga

This 60-minute class will can help you reduce stress and improve physical and mental health.  This class incorporates breathing, slow stretching, and mindfulness meditation, to heal and rejuvenate.  This class is open to males/females who are ages 16 and above. Open to beginner through advanced participants. Wear comfortable athletic clothes and tennis shoes.

Stretch Class

This 45-minute class focuses on stretching. Stretching promotes muscular balance, reduces tension, increases range of motion and helps prevent injury. This class incorporates a wide variety of stretches for the full body health.

Hatha Yoga

This 60-minute class is the foundation of all yoga types. People from all backgrounds and levels of experiences are encouraged to join. In this class, individuals will have the opportunity to practice various breathing techniques and basic poses to help stop fluctuations in the mind and bring more peace to the body and mind. Consistent practice may lead to an increase in comfort in each pose, flexibility, strength and endurance. This class will also provide us with an opportunity to work on alignments of each pose which may help improve self-yoga practice as well. 

Water Aerobics

This 60-minute class is a great low-impact full body workout.  This class takes place in the deep and shallow end of the pool and focuses on muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance.  Participants will focus on flexibility, strength, and endurance while completing various exercises in the pool.  Participants will use buoyancy equipment to assist with exercise.  Swimming experience is not required, as weaker swimmers will stay in shallow end.